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Lisp TIN 3d solid

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Lisp applications for CAD, Computer Aided Design

Visual lisp, Applications development to optimize the use of AUTOCAD, linear interpolation, topographic map and longitudinal profile, map making, lisp surface applications and free lisp script download.
Counseling for hydraulic and community planning
Visual Lisp - for AUTOCAD and for GIS platforms
Visual Lisp Tools for topographic studies
Lisp application for autocad
Development of specific design applications Lisp, Visual_basic, Java, Visual_c on demand
AutoLisp - for Topographical map and Longitudinal profile
Autolisp - Tin for autocad

Field of activity

Our target includes hydraulic design, topographic measurements projects for companies involved in the management of public services such as aqueducts and sewage systems, as well as assistance to companies that need to handle a great number of geometric data correlated in a functional way in a data base.
Our aims include:
To create automatic procedures to solve technical and time-consuming tasks, by means of an alternative, use of commercial applications such as AUTOCAD, ARCGIS, ARCVIEW and GEOMEDIA to develop interfaces Visual Lisp between vectorial application and the applications directly dedicated to GIS To solve the routine tasks related to standardized working activities.
To develop the commercial applications to make them 'tailor-made' for the needs of the single customer.
Create specific application for:
Hydraulic design
Topographic studies
Civil engineering

That will truly meet the needs of each company providing support that is easy to use but with a high technical content.

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